Adapting accommodation: Key disabled facilities for comfort and accessibility

Adapting accommodation: Key disabled facilities for comfort and accessibility

When it comes to adapted accommodation, disabled facilities play a crucial role in ensuring that all guests enjoy a comfortable and safe stay. From disabled access to specific room facilities, every detail matters to create an accessible and welcoming environment.

Barrier-Free Access

The first step to truly accessible accommodation like our apartments begins with access. Smooth ramps, automatic doors, and spacious elevators are essential to ensure that people with disabilities can move freely and safely.

Adapted Bathrooms

In facilities for disabled persons, bathrooms should be equipped with support bars, adjustable shower seats, and enough space for comfortable wheelchair maneuvering. Functionality combined with safety is essential in these areas.

Rooms with Additional Space

Rooms designed for disabled persons should offer more space to facilitate movement and access. The arrangement of furniture and free space around the bed are important aspects to consider.

MICs Sant Jordi offers spacious rooms to accommodate between 1 and 4 people:

Assistive Technology

From light switches and sockets at accessible heights to visual alarm systems for guests with hearing impairments, assistive technology is a key component in facilities for disabled persons.

Trained Staff

An often overlooked aspect is the importance of having trained staff aware of the needs of guests with disabilities. A well-informed team can make a big difference in the guest experience. At Mics Sant Jordi, you will find professionals who understand your needs.


Providing adequate facilities for people with disabilities in adapted accommodations is much more than a matter of regulatory compliance; it is a demonstration of empathy and respect for those who visit us. By focusing on these key areas, we ensure that facilities are not only accessible but also comfortable and welcoming for everyone.

Inclusion and accessibility are our priority. It is not just about installing certain facilities but about creating an experience that is equally valuable for all guests, regardless of their physical abilities. Every detail, from clear and readable signage to staff training in interacting with people with disabilities, contributes to creating a welcoming and respectful environment.

Additionally, by adapting accommodations to be more accessible, not only do people with special needs benefit, but these improvements often result in a more spacious, comfortable, and user-friendly design for all guests, ultimately enhancing the overall accommodation experience.

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