Discover MICs Sant Jordi’s Adapted Homes for People with Disabilities

Discover MICs Sant Jordi’s Adapted Homes for People with Disabilities

For those living with disabilities and mobility challenges, home adaptation often becomes an extension of their comfort zone—a space where freedom and autonomy reflect in every detail, from countertop height to barrier-free access. This customization of the home environment becomes an essential part of their quality of life, and when seeking accommodation away from home, expectations are high. Finding a home that mirrors the functionality and comfort of one’s own home is a priority, especially for temporary stays, but the need for comprehensive accessibility is permanent.

MICs Sant Jordi’s adapted homes for people with disabilities in Barcelona are designed with the same attention to detail as one would find in a personalized home for disability. Our spaces promise not only adaptability and comfort one is accustomed to having in their own home but also the opportunity to experience the city to the fullest. Whether for a vacation filled with discoveries or to undergo medical treatment in a space that respects and addresses individual needs, the search for an apartment in Barcelona for short or long stays culminates in an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion.

The search for an adapted home in Barcelona may cater to a variety of needs and expectations. For some, it’s about finding a space for leisure and relaxation, a place for vacations in a city pulsating with culture and history. Others may be seeking a comfortable and accessible stay while undergoing medical treatments. Whether for short or extended stays, an adapted home for people with reduced mobility offers the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, ensuring that all stays, regardless of their duration or purpose, are as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Adapted Homes in Barcelona

Barcelona, a city known for both its accessibility and its welcoming spirit, offers adapted homes designed specifically for people with disabilities. These spaces are not mere rooms but complete environments that have been meticulously designed to offer independence and comfort to every guest. The apartments are well-located, facilitating access to tourist attractions, restaurants, parks, and healthcare centers.

Upon entering our facilities, guests discover that every element, from automatic doors to non-slip floors, is designed for their comfort and safety. Spacious lounges with natural light offer a space for rest and socialization, while adapted kitchens allow for cooking and enjoying meals with ease and without assistance.

The bedrooms are spacious, with accessible beds and closets at the right height, ensuring a restful sleeping experience. Bathrooms feature amenities such as curbless showers and support bars, providing a safe and functional environment.

Staying in the adapted homes at MICs Sant Jordi goes beyond a mere visit; it is a comprehensive experience that enriches the lives of guests. Contact us to learn about our personalized services and assistance available as needed.

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