How to enjoy the best disabled holidays in Spain?

How to enjoy the best disabled holidays in Spain?

In this article, we will explore disabled holidays, or in other words, how you can make the most of your holidays in Spain, ensuring accessibility, comfort, and fun. Spain, with its warm climate and rich culture, is also an ideal destination for accessible tourism. Let us tell you more.

Adapted accommodations

The first step is to research options for disabled holidays in Spain and plan your stay. Choosing adapted accommodation is essential for a satisfying vacation experience. Mics Sant Jordi offers a variety of fully adapted apartments, each carefully designed with different sizes and features to meet individual preferences. With amenities such as a gym, therapeutic pool, multipurpose room, and a terrace restaurant, selecting the right accessible apartment is made easier. One of the evident advantages of Mics Sant Jordi facilities is its location in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. An attractive destination where you will discover a diversity of inclusive activities for all tastes.

Leisure, culture, and entertainment

Museums and cultural sites in Barcelona, as in many other Spanish cities, have implemented significant measures to enhance the experience for all visitors, regardless of their abilities. The use of accessible technology, such as multimedia guides with auditory and tactile descriptions, ensures that visually impaired individuals can fully enjoy exhibitions. Additionally, many cultural institutions offer guided tours adapted for those with reduced mobility. If you opt for vibrant events and festivals, you should know that accessibility for all audiences has been significantly improved. From the provision of reserved areas to the inclusion of sign language interpreters, measures have been implemented to ensure that people with disabilities fully participate in the city’s cultural life. If you seek to combine cultural visits with outdoor activities, you will find yourself in the ideal place. The city boasts beaches that have been adapted to allow access to all individuals. Wooden walkways, amphibious chairs, and shaded rest areas are available at certain beaches, allowing those with disabilities to safely and comfortably enjoy the sun and sea. The commitment to accessibility is clearly reflected in these recreational spaces.

Gastronomy. Adapted dining

Explore our rich gastronomic culture, internationally recognized. Barcelona’s culinary scene has also evolved to provide inclusive tourism. Many restaurants have adapted their facilities to be accessible, offering menus in Braille and trained staff to serve customers with diverse needs. This means that enjoying the city’s delicious cuisine is an accessible experience for everyone.


Barcelona boasts efficient and adapted public transportation to facilitate the lives of people with mobility difficulties. From buses with ramps to metro stations with elevators and barrier-free access, the city strives to make getting around easy and accessible. This facilitates the exploration of various points of interest. Plan your routes and transportation options in advance to save time and effort during journeys to different parts of the city or on trips to nearby towns during your short stay in Barcelona.

Disabled holidays in Spain offer the opportunity to savor everything this country has to offer. With planning, choice of accessible accommodations and services, and an open attitude towards exploration, your vacation in Spain can be wonderful. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the serene beaches of the Costa del Sol, we invite you to enjoy disabled access holidays. 

Count on the experience of Mics Sant Jordi for a more focused and personalized vacation experience. Contact us to find out what our team can do to ensure an independent stay that you’ll be eager to repeat.

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