Accessible tourism. A thousand and one reasons to visit Barcelona

Accessible tourism. A thousand and one reasons to visit Barcelona

It is well known what a rewarding experience tourism is. Whether it is for a relaxing beach holiday, a hike through green meadows or a visit to a city that speaks for itself. The forms in which we can benefit from it are countless. Starting from the personal growth it brings, the broadening of knowledge we can acquire, the self-knowledge we gain when we find ourselves in different places around the world and the lack of stress are probably the most remarkable, not to mention the creation of unforgettable memories and experiences we acquire when we visit new places.

Did you know that Barcelona is one of the most accessible cities in the world?

If you are thinking of visiting it, it is important that you know that people with reduced mobility can enjoy the charms of Barcelona without barriers: from its beaches, modernist monuments, through sports activities, and shops! 


Accessible tourism. A trip without the unexpected


Accessible tourism is a crucial issue for the inclusion and equal rights of people with diverse abilities. Accessibility in tourism means ensuring that all people, regardless of their physical, sensory and cognitive abilities, can fully enjoy all the benefits we have mentioned above. We must consider not only the respect of the right to leisure, recreation and travel but also the possibility of participating in activities that will ensure the inclusion of everyone and the reduction of social barriers. 

We believe in improving the quality of life through tourism and, consequently, in the need to be able to access places, accommodation and services that meet the needs of each person and allow greater autonomy, independence and well-being. 

At MIC’s Sant Jordi we ensure that your touring experience in Barcelona is adapted to the requirements of people with reduced mobility, guaranteeing an accessible experience in all areas of the facilities. Our flats are Independent Coexistence Modules fully adapted and prepared for independent and integrated living with personalized attention 24 hours a day every day of the year.


Accessible tourism in 100% adapted facilities


MICs Sant Jordi offers fully adapted apartments of different sizes so that people who want to discover Barcelona do so 100%.

We can offer 32 flats of different sizes that will fit your personal needs. We can also offer you a gym, a therapeutic pool, a multipurpose room and a restaurant with a terrace where you can spend hours enjoying your experience. For us, it is a priority to respect your personal needs, as well as to guarantee the offer of a close, professional and personalized service that will ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience for anyone who wants to trust us and enjoy a stay truly adapted to your needs.

There are thousands of reasons to visit Barcelona. And to not do it: none.

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