Adapted rooms for maximum autonomy: stay at MICs Sant Jordi

Adapted rooms for maximum autonomy: stay at MICs Sant Jordi

Finding an adapted room for people with reduced mobility or with some physical disability can be quite a challenge. MICs Sant Jordi stands out for providing a space where accessibility translates into comfort, and where every detail is designed to facilitate the daily life of each guest.

Our apartments are equipped with all the necessary technical aids to provide maximum autonomy and comfort. From electric articulated beds that facilitate rest and sleep, to transfer hoists and trapezes, every element is designed with safety and ease of use in mind. Bed rails and shower chairs are other examples of how our adapted rooms for disabled guests contribute to a barrier-free living experience.

We understand that the needs of our guests may vary, so we offer different rooms for people with disabilities, each adapted to different requirements and preferences. For example, our double apartment is ideal for one or two people, offering two electrically articulated beds and a fully equipped kitchen. For families or larger groups, the quadruple apartment is the perfect option, with four articulated beds and two rooms, ensuring space and comfort for everyone.

At MICs Sant Jordi, assisted support is available 24 hours a day. Our team of professional caregivers and nursing assistants is always ready to provide assistance and support, ensuring that all needs are met efficiently and respectfully. Additionally, for those who require additional care, our personal assistant service is available to assist with daily activities and ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable stay possible.

The health and well-being of our guests are a priority, so we offer personalized physiotherapy services. These services include individual sessions conducted by experienced professionals that can take place in the room, the gym, or even in our therapeutic pool. Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the guest, offering a comprehensive approach to health and rehabilitation.

In addition to the internal amenities, MICs Sant Jordi is located in a comfortable environment with easy access to the city. Our guests can enjoy Barcelona and its surroundings with ease, thanks to the central location of our apartments. The complex’s own facilities include, in addition to the adapted gym and therapeutic pool, a multipurpose room and a restaurant with a terrace, all designed to be fully accessible.

In summary, MICs Sant Jordi offers a unique and personalized accommodation experience for people with reduced mobility or physical disabilities. With a range of adapted apartments, professional assistance services, and personalized therapy options, each person will find the perfect space tailored to their needs. At MICs Sant Jordi, accessibility and comfort go hand in hand, ensuring that each stay is a memorable and enriching experience.

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