Discover the Best Accommodation for People with Reduced Mobility in Barcelona: Comfort Without Barriers

Discover the Best Accommodation for People with Reduced Mobility in Barcelona: Comfort Without Barriers

Accessible tourism has become a priority in the hospitality industry. This type of tourism seeks to offer inclusive experiences that allow everyone to enjoy their trips without limitations. In this context, the accommodations adapted for people with reduced mobility at MICs Sant Jordi are a good alternative that plays a fundamental role, ensuring that all guests can enjoy their stay with total comfort and safety.

The Importance of Adapted Facilities

Adapted facilities are not simply an added value; they are an essential need to ensure that people with reduced mobility can move freely and independently within the accommodations. This includes from the entrance and reception of the establishment to the rooms, bathrooms, common areas, and additional services. Details such as smooth ramps, spacious elevators, automatic doors, support bars in bathrooms, and spacious rooms with adequate turning areas make a big difference for guests. At MICs Sant Jordi, all these aspects are considered and fully met to ensure the best experience.

Key Features of Adapted Accommodations

The best accommodations for people with reduced mobility go beyond meeting minimum accessibility regulations. At MICs Sant Jordi, we strive to offer a holistic experience that includes:

Barrier-Free Access:

From the moment of arrival, it is crucial that guests find facilities to access the accommodation easily, such as reserved parking spaces, access ramps, and adapted entry systems.

Rooms Designed for Comfort:

Rooms are designed with accessibility in mind, featuring spacious layouts, adjustable furniture, accessible beds, and emergency systems.

Adapted Bathrooms:

Bathrooms feature floor-level showers, shower seats, support bars, and ample space for wheelchair maneuvering.

Additional Adapted Services:

Our services, such as the pool with a lift, the gym with accessible equipment, and all our adapted recreational areas, are key to the success of our accommodations committed to accessibility.

Trained Staff:

A crucial aspect that we also keep in mind is to have well-trained staff in dealing with and assisting people with reduced mobility. This ensures that your stay is pleasant and stress-free.

Alarm Service:

The entire apartment has different communication systems for requesting assistance, from those located in the room and bathroom to personal ones.

Technical Aids:

MICs Sant Jordi offers the user a wide range of technical aids to further adapt the apartment to the specific needs of each individual. Such as: electric-articulated beds, lifts, trapezes, shower chairs…, among others.

Choose Well, Choose MICs Sant Jordi

At MICs Sant Jordi, we offer all these services and more, as we strive to make our guests’ experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Choosing accommodations that prioritize the needs of people with reduced mobility is not only a step towards more inclusive and enjoyable vacations but also a demonstration of commitment to equal access and opportunities for all. When planning your next trip to Barcelona, consider staying at MICs Sant Jordi, as we demonstrate through actions our permanent commitment to accessibility and guarantee the best experience without barriers.

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