Our new therapeutic pool is an oasis for rehabilitation and well-being

Our new therapeutic pool is an oasis for rehabilitation and well-being

Physical therapy in the pool is conducted in a therapeutic pool and represents a significant advancement in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. This type of physiotherapy, also known as hydrotherapy, utilizes the unique properties of water to facilitate physical exercise, reduce pain, and accelerate the recovery process. At MICs Sant Jordi, we understand the importance of having a therapeutic pool, which is why we are introducing a new pool specially designed for people staying with us. Do you want to see it? Let us introduce it to you!

Benefits of physical therapy in the pool

Therapy in therapeutic pools offers multiple benefits for people with disabilities because it leverages the buoyancy, resistance, and temperature of the water to create a safe and effective rehabilitation environment. Some of the key benefits include:

Pain reduction:

The warm water in our therapeutic pool helps relax muscles and reduce muscle spasms, providing significant pain relief.

Improved mobility:

Buoyancy reduces stress on the joints and allows for movements that would be difficult or impossible outside the water.

Muscle strengthening:

The natural resistance of water is an effective way to strengthen muscles without the need for weights and also minimizes the risk of injuries.

Improved coordination and balance:

The aquatic environment gently challenges the body’s balance, which helps improve coordination and stability.

The therapeutic pool in physiotherapy

The therapeutic pool has become an essential component of many physiotherapy programs, especially those aimed at patients with disabilities. Physiotherapists design specific exercise programs that are carried out in the water, customized according to the individual needs of each person. These programs can range from low-intensity exercises to more rigorous training sessions, depending on the condition and goals being pursued.

The therapeutic pool at MICs Sant Jordi

When installing a therapeutic pool, at MICs Sant Jordi, we thought about how this resource could significantly enrich the lives of our residents, beyond the medical and rehabilitation benefits. Some of the factors that convinced us to implement it were:

The therapeutic benefits it provides to users:

Improved mobility, pain relief, and of course, coordination and balance improvement are perhaps the most evident. Physical care enables our residents to improve their well-being and lead a fuller and happier life, making the most of the facilities we offer.

Improving quality of life through well-being:

Relaxation and stress management are also key to improving quality of life, thanks to the therapeutic pool. That’s why we say it’s an oasis of tranquility and relaxation, as simply floating in warm water can be a deeply relaxing experience, helping to dissipate the tensions of everyday life.

So you see, our therapeutic pool is much more than a rehabilitation resource. For us at MICs Sant Jordi, it is a vital component of our commitment to the comprehensive well-being of our residents and a space for social connection, relaxation, and personal enjoyment. Come and enjoy it!

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